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How quickly can I get shipping?

We can literally have you shipping in a matter of days -it's that easy! In fact, in most cases, Shipsters can begin fulfilling your online orders within 24hrs of receiving your initial inventory.

Once you partner with Shipsters, your business becomes our primary focus, and our priority will be to help you transition quickly and responsibly. Our extremely thorough and friendly Onboarding Team will help guide and prepare you, so that we can establish a 'start shipping date' that works best for you and your business.

The process is pretty straight forward;

  1. Click the 'Get Started' button at Shipsters.com 
  2. Allow our Onboarding Team to establish a tailored plan for your ecommerce business
  3. Get connected and start prepping your inventory
  4. Once you have properly prepared all of your inventory, send it to Shipsters

    SHIP TIP: Everything ultimately comes down to how quickly you can send us your inventory, and how that inventory is prepared ahead of time.

WE think this stuff is easy, and so should you. Fulfillment freedom is only one click away. Get Started now.

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